Friday, July 31, 2009

still here!

so i'm still here, not back in time to see everyone before they leave :(

but i'm still having a great time, i'm in narok for the day and heading back out to the bush tonight. i killed a giant spider that crawled out of one of my pant legs this morning when i was getting dressed in my tent.

i can't load any pictures on here, because i didn't bring my cord that connect my camera to my computer, so i guess i'll just do it when i get back.

i'll probably only post one more time, right before i come home, because i wont' have a lot of internet connection i don't think. i come home in almost just a week!

i miss everyone!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


so i miss everyone a lot, still.

i haven't had internet for a couple weeks and just got back into a city recently. i'm in nairobi right now and it was the first time i could really read any of your blogs. i did my best to read them all, but there were a ton (kirsten)! so i decided not to comment on them all, because it would take me a year with the slow internet here.

a few highlights though, nice tie-dye for the 4th laura and callie!. nice pie and painting brig, nice hair and ratstache tracy, glad you had fun on set megan, i wish i could get into the mj craze with you callie, i'm jealous of your NY fun laura, i saw harry potter here in nairobi, but i think i like the camera work and lighting kelly, it's 88 and lower everyday here kirsten :P.

hope i didn't leave anything out.

kenya is good. the drought is horrible though, people livestock are dying everyday. so everyone please do a traditional raindance directed over here.

i'll be home in less than 3 weeks. i'm kinda excited, but sad that i couldn't get an earlier ticket home to see callie and megan before they leave.

i feel like i should have a lot to post, but i can't think of it all right now. I'll probably be in nairobi for around 4 or 5 days before we head back to the mara.

i miss you guys and i'll have a more detailed update later in the week probably