Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.......about time

so i'm blogging

it's my birthday today! all the calls texts and facebooking has been really nice and put me in a good mood, so i thought i'd finally blog and catch up on things.

i've been having a great time back in norman with tracy and kirsten. we have amazing times every weekend as i'm sure you can see by their posts, because i never update.

not sure if everyone knows this, but i'm taking a class where that is supposed to help me with writing papers/essays for entry into things like grad school. it's not really a class, because i don't ever have a scheduled meeting time. all i have is an advisor that i picked and we meet when we want to talk about how i'm doing and for her to guide me. i met with her today, and she's really excited about a paper i'm writing about maasai and education and she thinks that i should just focus on that. she wants me to write everything i can about it and it's going to be the only thing i do all semester. She said i'll be able to take things from it to use for grants and stuff, and when i'm finished, she wants us to try to get it published. so that's exciting, but means that i have to really really try, and not write some last-minute crap hahaha.

it's good that i have something to do though, because lately i've been feeling really wierd. it's hard to explain. the best word i can find to describe it is worthless, but that's really not how i feel. i mean, it's wierd everynight when i go to bed, not having something i have to wake up for. it's wierd waking up in the morning and thinking, well, i guess i'll eat breakfast, then go to the gym, and then..... i guess people may feel like this in the summer when they don't have a job and are off from school, but i haven't had that in for the past 5 years, so i'm not used to it. and it's hard when everyone, EVERYONE, asks, so what are you going to do now?

i still think about everyone not here, probably on a daily basis. i miss you all. i'm so excited to see laura soon! and kelly's coming up this weekend so we can have dual-birthday celebration!

this post is getting too long for me, so i'm cutting it off.

pictures from the summer soon, promise.

b-sto out