Monday, June 29, 2009

black babies white mommies

sooooo many white parents with their "new african babies"!!!!!!

i can't get over it. usually i see about 5ish the entire summer i'm here. This time, i've literally seen about 5-10 every single day. It's so ridiculous. I know that some of them may have good intentions and everything and it may be a completely legitimate adoption, but i can't help but judge everyone of them! there are just too many american's who want to adopt an african baby because it's trendy. also there is a growing problem here, because of the huge rise in the adoption of the babies. the problem is "certified adoption agencies" are stealing babies and children from their mothers or familys, and telling the adopting parents that they are orphans. horrible horrible things, and the amount of children that i've seen with white parents since i've been here makes me worry so much about them and their families.

i forgot to tell you guys too, both my bags came in and were fine, there were plastic wrapped, so i was afriad they were all ripped and broken, but i guess they just wrapped them so they wouldn't get wet. i took a picture of them. i'll try and upload it later, but the internet is so slow here i might not be able too.

i haven't talked to meitamei yet, about him leaving early, but i think i decided that if he does, i'm going to leave that early as well. i'd rather come home like 10 days earlier and have a chance to get to see people before they leave! i mean, it's just 10 days. isn't it worth it? i'll be back in kenya and have plenty of opportunities to have more adventures.

i miss you guys a lot, and want to have some fun times when i get back! my trip seems so short this time. if i'm leaving early, it'll probably be on the 26thish, which means i have less than a month left here. i'm usually here for almost three months, and this time, i'll only be herea little less that two. i think i'll be able to accomplish everything i wanted to though.

i think we're heading to mau narok tomorrow, and then maasai mara the next day after that. i won't have any internet while i'm there, so this could be my last post for a while.

miss/love you guys


Saturday, June 27, 2009


so i feel good about what's happening this summer. Things seem to be going really well for my scholarship program, and for the bigger organization as a whole. We have a center in maasai mara now. an actual building out in the middle of no where. it's almost done. it just needs doors and windows. It's incredibly exciting. No more cutting big branches off trees and trying to make a shaded area to work in. We now have actual offices!

In other news, i'm not 100% sure yet, cause i need to talk to meitamei to confirm, but i may be heading back to the US a little earlier. Mary (the professor that is here every summer with a class from prescott) bought meitamei a plane ticket back to the US so he could come to this big family reunion thing, and she bought it before she knew when i was planning on heading back. I think she bought it for like the 28th of july or something. So i need to figure things out, becuase i could either change my ticket and come up then also, or i could stay here by myself and just live in a village for a while, or stay at a school or something. Kinda sucks but oh well, she didn't know. On the brighter side, i may get to see some of you guys again!

Kenya is good. The drought was really bad this past year, and a lot of cows and goats are dying, which are pretty much peoples life out here. I haven't been to amboseli yet, but that was supposed to be hit the hardest by the drought, so i'm afriad to even go there and see what it's done.

i miss you guys a lot!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


so, i made is safely.

had to pretty much run to catch every single flight connection, but i made it so it's ok.
sadly i can't say the same about my bags :( my two bags that i checked were still in houston when i got into nairobi, but they should be here in the next few days.

i don't really have a lot to write, cause i got in late last night, and now it's just 9 am, so i haven't had time to do a lot or see a lot of people.

just wanted to let everyone know that i made it and miss you guys.


Monday, June 15, 2009


so it was a fun weekend, i'll start the post by listing my favorite quotes:

"I LOVE WOMEN!" - Tracy

"I think it might be loosening my vagina, so i think i'm going to start doing kegals" - Laura

"i love dick" - Tracy

"how old are you" - lady at pete's
"24" - Me
"are you single" - lady at pete's
"yes" - Me
"my friend wants to fuck you" - lady at pete's

"he looks like a cat, and i don't know what to do" - Tracy

"it feels tender" - Kirsten

"Do i have time to make a burrito?" - Tracy

"I'm dying to death" - Kirsten

"extendio penosum!" - Tracy

"does your toilet clog easily?" - Tracy
"no, why, did you clog it?" - Megan
"ya....." - Tracy

"BRRROOOUUUUUUU" - Noah, trying to make himself throw up on his pee in the garage

"oh my god i can't believe i just got that bird poop out of her hair! and now it's on my hand!!!! what do i do?!!?!?" - Kirsten

"fake propose to me you chickenshit!" - Jessica

"Ya, that's a dance i made up, it's called the jello" - Tracy

So, ya a ton from tracy hahahaha, but she was in the car with us the whole time and happened to say lots of funny things!! I'm sure i'm forgetting some really funny ones, i just can't think of them all right now.

I had a really good time this weekend and was sad to leave everyone, knowing that it was our last time to do something like that for a while probably.

i love you guys, and keep blogging so i can read about you and feel like we're all still together!


Friday, June 5, 2009

sad :(

so megan told me she thought it was ok to watch the OUPSDVD and cry cause it's been so long since we've all been together.

so, just now, i watched it for the first time, alone in woodward, and.......i cried :( a lot. ugly cry kind

so i just wanted to say how much i miss/love all of you sooooooooo much. I think it just really hit me that even though i'll still see some of you guys and see others here and there, it won't ever be like it was, with all of us living so close together, able to hang out whenever we wanted all together.

you guys all mean so much to me it's ridiculous. my life would be so different, if just one of you weren't a part of it. please please please pleeeeeeease keep in touch.

ps. if i'm not subscribed to someone still, let me know so i can fix it. i'm not very good at this blogspot thing yet, cause i've barely messed with it