Saturday, June 27, 2009


so i feel good about what's happening this summer. Things seem to be going really well for my scholarship program, and for the bigger organization as a whole. We have a center in maasai mara now. an actual building out in the middle of no where. it's almost done. it just needs doors and windows. It's incredibly exciting. No more cutting big branches off trees and trying to make a shaded area to work in. We now have actual offices!

In other news, i'm not 100% sure yet, cause i need to talk to meitamei to confirm, but i may be heading back to the US a little earlier. Mary (the professor that is here every summer with a class from prescott) bought meitamei a plane ticket back to the US so he could come to this big family reunion thing, and she bought it before she knew when i was planning on heading back. I think she bought it for like the 28th of july or something. So i need to figure things out, becuase i could either change my ticket and come up then also, or i could stay here by myself and just live in a village for a while, or stay at a school or something. Kinda sucks but oh well, she didn't know. On the brighter side, i may get to see some of you guys again!

Kenya is good. The drought was really bad this past year, and a lot of cows and goats are dying, which are pretty much peoples life out here. I haven't been to amboseli yet, but that was supposed to be hit the hardest by the drought, so i'm afriad to even go there and see what it's done.

i miss you guys a lot!


  1. i got so excited when i saw your post! i'm sad about the drought :( but i'm happy about your building and all the progress!! love you!

  2. miss you too brad! hopefully it'll rain there soon. that's so cool that you got a building to work out of! if you decide to come back then it's not that much earlier, right? but at least you don't have to come back to go to school, so that might be ok to stay and have adventures alone.

  3. not to be repetative... but i too was very excited to see you posted, and i too am sad about the drought... you should do a rain dance (it worked on Man of the House). And the new building sounds great - very exciting!

  4. that really sucks about the drought. i feel very unconnected and like a self absorbed american since i didnt even know there was a drought. im glad you taught me something! and im glad you have a building! any updates on your bags?