Monday, June 29, 2009

black babies white mommies

sooooo many white parents with their "new african babies"!!!!!!

i can't get over it. usually i see about 5ish the entire summer i'm here. This time, i've literally seen about 5-10 every single day. It's so ridiculous. I know that some of them may have good intentions and everything and it may be a completely legitimate adoption, but i can't help but judge everyone of them! there are just too many american's who want to adopt an african baby because it's trendy. also there is a growing problem here, because of the huge rise in the adoption of the babies. the problem is "certified adoption agencies" are stealing babies and children from their mothers or familys, and telling the adopting parents that they are orphans. horrible horrible things, and the amount of children that i've seen with white parents since i've been here makes me worry so much about them and their families.

i forgot to tell you guys too, both my bags came in and were fine, there were plastic wrapped, so i was afriad they were all ripped and broken, but i guess they just wrapped them so they wouldn't get wet. i took a picture of them. i'll try and upload it later, but the internet is so slow here i might not be able too.

i haven't talked to meitamei yet, about him leaving early, but i think i decided that if he does, i'm going to leave that early as well. i'd rather come home like 10 days earlier and have a chance to get to see people before they leave! i mean, it's just 10 days. isn't it worth it? i'll be back in kenya and have plenty of opportunities to have more adventures.

i miss you guys a lot, and want to have some fun times when i get back! my trip seems so short this time. if i'm leaving early, it'll probably be on the 26thish, which means i have less than a month left here. i'm usually here for almost three months, and this time, i'll only be herea little less that two. i think i'll be able to accomplish everything i wanted to though.

i think we're heading to mau narok tomorrow, and then maasai mara the next day after that. i won't have any internet while i'm there, so this could be my last post for a while.

miss/love you guys



  1. that is really frightening about the baby stealing. it definitely makes me want to tell people to not adopt from africa. i feel that it will be worth it to come back and try to see people just because none of us really know when we will see each other again, we just know that it will happen!

    im glad youre bags were safe and that you didnt have to taste them to find out haha!

    dont worry bff, we will have so many fun times this coming semester! and if you come back early, im sure we could make a trip with callie back to orange tree. i sure wouldnt mind!

    love you!

  2. I want to be added to the list!!!
    So not fair.
    Anyways, looks like a (don't know how to spell the word but it means unanswerable question) for the adoption of african babies. If they are really orphans than it is great they are finding homes (too bad it is not in their native home-I always feel bad that they were born into an interesting and different culture than ours, and then are uprooted to a different one. They are still african by birth but have none of the culture that makes them feel a part of it.) I hope the white people will always love and cherish their trendy babies.
    I had no idea I was so opinionated on this subject.

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  4. brad I want to drink and eat and paint with you too!
    I drove by the good asian market today and thought of you! we will have to go there again sometime and then cook something crazy!
    I really had no idea they were stealing kids from their moms; I guess I never thought about it before. I just hope all those babies are loved!

  5. sometimes people still amaze me. i can't believe that people steal babies. it's unfathomable to me. those white folk better love their babies. and i hope they at least tried to adopt an american baby first, because they need homes too.
    i hope i get to see you when you get back!!!!

  6. Trendy adoptions - sick!

    I can't wait to see you Bradely! Fun times will definitely be had!!

  7. i know that i have a different kind of perspective on adoption than most people...not that i know more or less, but just a different view i think. yes it is horrible to steal babies. they are people, not music downloads. but really i don't think white people are adopting african babies just to be trendy...i mean people buy pants to be trendy, they don't adopt children. we aren't exactly cheap. i really really believe that these people love these kids and aren't just buying them to be like madonna.

    and yes babies in america need homes too, but there are very very few american babies being given up for adoption these days, at least in comparison to years past. it's not really that big of a deal to have a baby out of wedlock anymore so more women are keeping their 'illigitimate' children (isn't that a horrible term?!) most of the kids in america that need homes are older and usually have a lot of psychological problems. not that that is a good reason not to adopt them - but it is the reason they aren't being adopted. it takes a special person to take in these kids.

    anyway, i'm obviously not advocating baby stealing and it is very sad that people would take advantage of a situation that way. but i don't think people should stop adopting babies from africa, or anywhere else. there are a lot of true orphans - way too many to tell people to stop adopting them.

    sorry that is so long - just my thoughts!