Monday, June 15, 2009


so it was a fun weekend, i'll start the post by listing my favorite quotes:

"I LOVE WOMEN!" - Tracy

"I think it might be loosening my vagina, so i think i'm going to start doing kegals" - Laura

"i love dick" - Tracy

"how old are you" - lady at pete's
"24" - Me
"are you single" - lady at pete's
"yes" - Me
"my friend wants to fuck you" - lady at pete's

"he looks like a cat, and i don't know what to do" - Tracy

"it feels tender" - Kirsten

"Do i have time to make a burrito?" - Tracy

"I'm dying to death" - Kirsten

"extendio penosum!" - Tracy

"does your toilet clog easily?" - Tracy
"no, why, did you clog it?" - Megan
"ya....." - Tracy

"BRRROOOUUUUUUU" - Noah, trying to make himself throw up on his pee in the garage

"oh my god i can't believe i just got that bird poop out of her hair! and now it's on my hand!!!! what do i do?!!?!?" - Kirsten

"fake propose to me you chickenshit!" - Jessica

"Ya, that's a dance i made up, it's called the jello" - Tracy

So, ya a ton from tracy hahahaha, but she was in the car with us the whole time and happened to say lots of funny things!! I'm sure i'm forgetting some really funny ones, i just can't think of them all right now.

I had a really good time this weekend and was sad to leave everyone, knowing that it was our last time to do something like that for a while probably.

i love you guys, and keep blogging so i can read about you and feel like we're all still together!



  1. i was just laughing so hard at all these quotes! hahahahahaha i know there are more too. i wish i could remember them!

  2. i thought of one today and then i forgot!! and i am glad it was the parking garage and not my garage hahaha

  3. hahahah i love these quotes. good weekend indeed :)

  4. HAHAHAHA! so funny and awesome. I am not even embarrassed at all that I poop big!

  5. hahahhahahaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just keep laughing! brad, i must say, i am very impressed with your memory!